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[ Intro: Murs ] Ready?

[ 9th Wonder ] Uh-huh

[ Murs ] Aight.......... After tonight Don't leave your girl round me, heartbreaker for life Ask my homeboy 9th [ Chorus 1 ] Got all your girlfriends thinkin' that I'm the (Bad Man!) Never neglected you or disrespected you ??A lot of have sex??,yet you say I'm the (Bad Man!) Gave you dick, never fronted, pulled your hair when you wanted Used to flip you on your stomach, said you wanted a (Bad Man!) Now it's all drama, an unidentified caller on the phone with my momma talkin' bout I'm a (Bad Man!) How could somethin' so bad be so damn good?

[ Verse 1 ] All I wanted was to fuck, from the start I never lied Now it hurts my heart to have to see you cry Let you know from the jump, I was that type of guy Now you all on my voice mail askin' me why Never kissed you in public and I never held your hand I never said I loved you so I never was your man How can we break up?, when we never broke down and committedto each other, we was fuckin' aroundThat's how people get hurt, and we both do dirtNow we could put this all behind us and make things workOr I could get behind you cuz I like that skirtSorry 'bout that, got a one track mindBut if you say you don't wanna fuck me too, then you lyingTryna fight it girl, shit bring your ass hereWho else can make you wet by doin' this in your ear(See why you playin', all that bullshit you sayin')

[ Chorus 1 ]

[ Verse 2 ] She got me screamin' in public, in the middle of the mall I lightly touch her arm, what'd the bitch do?, fall Now they call security, it's about to be drama I would never hit a woman, I was raised by my momma But I kinda feel bad even though I didn't do shit Now I gottawaste time to find a new chick Someone who understand a man's gotta be a man I don't wanna have to lie just to get into your pants And ain't nothin' wrong with a one night stand that happens twice a week, plus I'm nice in the sheets And you look like a freak, it'll be to your benefit

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A nigga you can fuck, and a nigga you can kick it with I'm sick of this phone tag text message foreplay I like to be spontaneous, that's my forte Let's go to my crib and have, sex in the door way We'd talk all night if you had things your way

[ Chorus 1 ]

[ Verse 3 ] She said this might make me look like a knightin shinin' armorGreat way to escape or get away from the dramaSo I got a little momma, first, had to disarm hersaid she heard about us rappers, I still got to charm herI'ma tell you what you wanna hear and make it the truthHaven't been with a woman since I left Cam looseTwo months ago in Canada, ask my road managerHe'll tell you I'm a good guy, I wouldn't lie to youjust because you look fly, look my bus cards are newWe'll shoot to my room, make the best out of twelve hoursWe can wash that club smell out your hair in the showerTurn down the power, lie down and make spoonsOr we can talk all night and listen to ITunesYou assume this the game that I spit to every girlBut I'm careful with my heart and who I let up in my world(So, here's my number, call me anytime girl)

[ Chorus 2 ] Just because I'm a musician she must think I'm a (Bad Man!) All alone when she listens and I know what she's wishin' But she won't pay attention cuz she thinks I'm a (Bad Man!) It's not as bad as you think, cuz you had a few drinks I'll hold you hair out the sink, you still think I'ma (Bad Man!) I don't do this all the time, you are just that fine Get that shit out your mind, I am not the (Bad Man!)

[ Outro ]

Bad Man! 3X




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