Shaun Boothe - Unauthorized Biography of MLK & Obama

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Born January, 1929
Atlanta, Georgia. they were poor but
He was a good child from a good home
Read the Good book, took the good road
And at 15 he was in college now
On the fast track
But on that last lap
Somewhere deep inside he realized
‘A life serving the lord’…how can he surpass that?
So then he became a preacher just like his father way
Montgomery Baptist Church
Tired but he had to work
‘Cause those days
There wasn’t much hope if you don’t pray
In the segregated south
Where they degraded and played us out
He said forget the law
It’s ok to disobey and resist
If the civil disobedience has a noble cause
And it’s done non violently most of all
Then along came a seamstress
By the name of ..Rosa.. who chose ta
Not give her seat up
When they threw her in jail a movement would erupt
A 380 day bus boycott where Martin was the leader
And so they refused to ride, unified
They would rather walk than pay one fair
With laws that’s unfair
So they walked and they walked
Til the city buses were vacant
and they gave in
But our victory was bitter sweet
Seeing all that misery
Fast forward – new day
On with the crusade
Next stop Freedom Rides
They continued risking lives
As a group of interracial youth take two
Buses thru the deep south
Everybody freaking out
Just exercising constitutional rights
And they beat us wit lead pipes
Buses got slashed tires
Bombs thru the window
They watched it catch fire
But, Martin, see he knew
Their violence would backfire
And when it made the evening news
That meant the world was watchin
And the president had no other option but to hop in
So in comes The National Guard
And we won that battle but the war raged on
So young Martin he was back on his job
Went from ....Albany.... to ....Birmingham....
Really I don’t understand
How they can treat a learned man
Like he wasn’t worth a damn
They took Martin, locked him up
Still he said aint no stoppin us
Came out a renewed man
Said lets find a new plan
They knew that their phones were tapped
So they spoke in code for that
He said to overflow the jails would be the only way
Create a crisis - make em negotiate
He was right and ordered segregation be let go
And in ’63 they signed Kings Manifesto
Fast forward to Selma– Bloody Sunday
Who’d a thought this one day
Would be one of the most  N O T O R I O U S
The U.S would ever know
Bombs at his home
still he kept goin
Blade thru his chest plate 
He was back thee next day
In and outta chains
He shouldered the pain
Only thing that could stop him
Was that bullet with his name
God Bless
The unauthorized biography of MLK JR
From being the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize
Or his Ghandhian non violent approach to fighting for equality
He’s probably most recognized for his Lincoln Memorial Speech ‘I have a dream’
He wasn’t alive to see it
But that dream came true
(and here he is)
Born Barack Hussein Obama
Mama white as a dove, father black as they come
Honolulu, Hawaii is where he was first brought up
Growin up he was caught up
Playin ball, poor grades
He was just livin up to what Black people were thought of
Til one day he said ‘that’s not us, not at all’
Buckled down
Got into Columbia, Harvard Law
Spun around
Right into The U.S Senate
And after that keynote speech at the DNC
He would be
Seen as someone who can lead the way
In a Presidential race for a country in need of change
And when he beat McCain he became
The 1st African American to be elected President
Looking back they say Martin walked
so Obama could run
three dots
because his legacy has just begun

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