Chicken & Pentium One - Tanzania Hip Hop Documental

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"A short visit to the Aang Serian hip hop studio in Arusha, Tanzania, run by volunteers including Gsann from the group X Plastaz. Started out in a bedroom using a Pentium-1 pc and surviving on gifts from the community including a chicken, the studio closed down last year for renovation. In the process of upgrading hardware, we ran a fund raising at from which the owners bought a new soundcard and other gear. This film shows a group of three young female rappers who pay their first ever visit to a hip hop studio, recording a demo with conscious lyrics. Producers Prosper and Gsann explain about the history of the project, while the two rappers from Boom Blast argue that the Arusha hip hop scene is the most real in the country. This video was done by Juma4 from while on a visit to Tanzania in 2004."

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  • Zoraida

    Me parece muy interesante. Me gustaría tener acceso a los cds, vivo en Mérida, México.