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Tim Dog - Fuck Compton

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Durante los primeros años noventa se empezó a gestar lo que en unos pocos años después se convertiría en una guerra abierta en el mundo del Hip Hop entre la Costa Este y la Costa Oeste de Estados unidos.

La semilla que sirvió de germen de esta rivalidad fué esta canción de Tim Dog de 1991 titulada "Fuck Compton", en la que atacaba sin contemplaciones a miembros de grupos de Compton como NWA, Compton's Most Wanted y DJ Quick.

NWA nunca respondieron el ataque pero sí lo hizo más tarde Snoop Doggy Dogg en la canción "Fuck wit Dre day" del histórico disco de debut de Dr. Dre, "The Chronic".

La guerra acababa de empezar y terminaría trágicamente pocos años después con los asesinatos de dos de los más grandes rappers que ha dado el Hip Hop: 2 Pac y Notorious B.I.G., pero esa es otra historia.

Aquí la letra:

Oh shit mutherfuckas step to the rear & cheer
´Cause Tim Dog is here
Let´s get down to the nitty gritty
And talk about a bullshit city
Talking about niggaz from Compton
They are no comp & they truly aint stomping
Tim Dog a black man´s task
I am so bad I will whip Superman´s ass
All you suckers that rif on the West Coast
I will dis & spray your ass like a roach
Ya think you are cool wit your curls & your shades
I will roll thick & you will be yelling raid
One hard brother that lives in New York
Where brothers are hard & we do not have to talk
Shut your mouth before we come out stomping
Hey, yo Eazy

Fuck Compton

(Why you dissing Eazy?)
´Cause the boy aint shit
Chew him with tobacco, an´ spit him in shit
I crush Ice Cube, I am cool wit Ice T
But NWA aint shit to me
Dre beating on Dee from Pump it Up
Step to the Dog & get f*cked up
I am simplistic, imperialistic, idealistic
And I am kicking ballistics
Having that gang war
We wanna know what you are fighting for
Fighting over colors?
All that gang shit´s for dumb muthaf*ckas
But you go on thinking you are hard
Come to New York & we will see who gets robbed
Take your jeri curls, take your black hats
Take your wack lyrics & your bullshit tracks
Now you are mad & you are thinking about stomping
Well I am from the South Bronx

Fuck Compton

Tim Dog & I am the best from the East
And all this Compton shit must cease
So keep your eyes on the prize and
Don´t jeopardize my arrive ´cause that isn´t wise
You really think that you can rhyme
Well come & get some of this loaded tech-nine
Bo bo bo shots are cold gunning
And you will really be a hundred miles & running
You want to play go ride in a sleigh
I am so large I f*ck Michel le´
In the bathroom we was boning
You shoulda heard how the bitch was moaning
Do do do do dooo do do do do do do do
Shut the f*ck up bitch, you can not sing
Ya sound like a kid playing on a swing (Fuck you)
I am the man at hand to run the band
That is in command
You know who the f*ck I´m
Tim Dog, what´s my muthaf*cking name
Tim Dog, that is my muthaf*cking game
So whether you think that I am just a myth
That riff, the lift, the gift, the if, the 5th´
The shift, the spliff, that is in control, to hold
To fold, to bold & make an ache & take & fake
Wooh! & I am still great

Fuck Compton

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